The NFL preseason schedule has been unveiled and with it, the end of the regular season for the first time in nearly four years.

With the preseason just six weeks away, it’s easy to forget that this year marks the first full season since 2012 in which the NFL has not had a bye week, meaning players can spend time off during the season.

It’s no surprise then that many have predicted the end to the NFL season will be marked by an end to football as fans return to their normal lives.

There are some reasons why this is likely to happen.

There are a number of factors at play, but the most important is that the NFL is no longer in the business of generating revenue from tickets and advertising.

The NFL has made huge investments in the stadiums and arenas to create a new and more lucrative product.

This has led to an overall reduction in revenue and has seen the league spend billions of dollars on stadium construction.

While these are good steps, they will not be enough to keep the league in business.

A new, more lucrative business model is needed to keep up with the competition, but if the NFL continues to lose money then the new business model will become more difficult to maintain.

The other reason why the NFL could be on the verge of a permanent hiatus is because of the way the league has developed its scheduling strategy.

The league has experimented with a number to try and create more competitive balance between teams, while also keeping teams together.

This strategy has produced results, but has also caused problems for the league’s TV rights deals, which are also in jeopardy.

If the NFL really does end up with no games, the NFL will be forced to either find a way to increase revenues from the sale of tickets, which is already a very lucrative business, or it will have to take drastic measures to keep teams together as they attempt to find ways to compete.

The end of football may be a great thing for the NFL but it is not a silver bullet for the future of the sport, and it may not even be a good thing.

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