The Vikings are back, and so is the season.

The first two episodes of the Vikings season are on Sunday, March 19, at 8:30pm ET/PT on ABC.

Season 6 is the first season of the show that the series creators have kept under wraps, and the third season will premiere on Sunday March 26 at 10:30am ET/8:30:30 pm PT.

The episode titles for this season will be “Vikings Season 6: The Finale” and “Viking Season 6 – The Finales.”

The first episode will focus on a new character introduced by season 1, Vikings season 6: the Season 6 “tough-guy.”

The finale of the season will air on Monday, March 27, at 10pm ET.

The first season finale will also be aired on Sunday.

The season is about to get its final episode on Saturday, March 31.

That episode will be titled “Vigilante,” and it will be the last episode of season 6.

In other news, we’ve also seen a couple of things from the new season.

First, the team has made a new logo for the season, and it’s called the “V” for Vikings.

The new logo features a white circle, a white “V,” a red circle with a red dot in the middle, and a red and white triangle.

This is not the first time that the team’s logo has been changed in season 6 of the series.

In Season 4, the logo was changed to include a white cross in the center, which was the original white triangle, but it was later changed to a red cross with the “T” in it.

The team also has a new mascot, a bear named “Bear,” who will be introduced in Season 6.

He will be voiced by Chris O’Dowd.

We know that the season premiere will be directed by Mike Reiss, and that the finale will be filmed in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The show has already been filmed in Chicago.

Reiss has directed episodes of “The Vampire Diaries” and the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

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